Can You Save Your Dog's Tooth if it Has Pulpitis?

Damage to a dog's tooth sometimes leads a problem known as pulpitis. When this happens, the tooth changes colour. For example, it turns pink, red, grey or even black. This colour change is a sign that the pulp inside the tooth has a problem. It may be inflamed and swollen or it could have internal bleeding. At this stage, you might not be sure what will happen to the tooth. Can you fix pulpitis or will the tooth need to be taken out?

Pulpitis Is Sometimes Treatable

Pulpitis damage to a tooth isn't always a permanent problem. In some cases, a tooth can recover on its own.

For example, if the tooth just has minor inflammation that sorts itself out quickly, then your dog might not have any other problems with the tooth. It may not go back to its natural colour but the damage shouldn't get any worse.

Sometimes, your dog will need treatment to make this happen. For example, the tooth might benefit from a course of anti-inflammatories to deal with the swelling. Antibiotics will deal with or head off any related infection problems.

After a case of pulpitis, your vet needs to monitor the tooth regularly to ensure that it stays in good shape. They may want to remove the pulp after a while to reduce the chances of the tooth developing more serious problems like infections.

Not All Teeth Can Be Saved

Sometimes, vets recommend that a tooth with pulpitis needs to come out. Typically, this happens if they are worried about how your dog is coping with the problem and how serious the situation inside the tooth gets.

If there are signs that the tooth hurts, then your vet will want to deal with your dog's pain. For example, if your dog can't eat on the tooth, loses its appetite and shows signs of being in discomfort, then there may be an infection in the tooth.

While antibiotics can deal with some infections, they might not be enough to fix a pulpitis problem. The bacteria may come back and continue to grow if the tooth is essentially dead inside. As well as affecting this tooth, other teeth could go on to develop problems.

If your dog has a pulpitis problem, then it needs to go to a veterinary dentistry clinic. A vet can diagnose the problem and assess the tooth. They can then recommend the best course of action. Take your dog to an office like Adelaide Animal Emergency & Referral Centre.

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