5 reasons why you should groom your cat or dog

You may think that looking after a dog or a cat only involves giving it food, water and shelter. But regular grooming can also be a vital part of caring for your pet. Here are some reasons why your dog or cat could benefit from grooming.

1. Care for their coat and skin

Regular brushing of your pet will help with the blood circulation, which will help its skin to produce natural oils. This will improve the health not only of their skin but also their coat. It should reduce shedding and moulting, and should leave your pet with a shinier, healthier-looking coat.

2. Detect problems

A regular brush of your pet's coats will also allow you to look for problems. You will be able to see if your pet has fleas or ticks before things get out of hand. You will also be able to check your pet for lumps or other skin problems that will need treatment by your vet.

3. Prevent matting

The longer your pet's hair, the more often you will need to brush it to stop its fur from matting. Its hair can easily become tangled and a source of irritation or pain for your pet as it pulls on the skin. Even shorter-haired animals can be prone to matting if their coat is not cared for properly. Pet grooming services can ensure your pet feels more comfortable. 

4. Increase bonding

Regular grooming your cat or dog is an excellent opportunity for you to give your pet some attention and build up trust, especially if it is very young. Although some animals are easier to groom than others, if you start gently you will probably find that both you and your pet look forward to your sessions.

5. Prevent buildup in hair

Just like humans, animals can get greasy hair and dandruff if they are not looked after properly. If the grease or dead skin is allowed to build up in their coats, it could lead to painful skin conditions such as cysts. Regular grooming of your cat or dog will prevent this build-up and ensure that your pet's coat is in top condition.

There are numerous health benefits to grooming your pet; these are just a few of them. For further information, just speak to your vet or to a pet grooming service that can give more advice that pertains to your pet's breed.

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