What You Should Know About Pet Ultrasounds

Has your veterinarian informed you that your pet needs a pet ultrasound? Don't panic; it is a non-invasive and painless procedure performed by a qualified veterinarian to inspect your pet's organs. Non-invasive means that your pet's skin is neither cut nor injected; therefore, he or she feels no pain. Here's what you should know about pet ultrasounds:

Why Is a Pet Ultrasound Performed?

A pet ultrasound may be performed if your veterinarian suspects that there might be a problem with a particular organ in your pet's body or the veins or arteries of your pet. The pet ultrasound helps your pet's veterinarian get a visual representation of various organs and blood vessels of your pet on a monitor. He or she is then able to inspect them to find out whether there is an underlying condition that might be making your pet sick.

What If Your Pet Is Furry?

Sometimes, you might be worried that your pet might be shaven clean, which might be a problem for you; the worry is normal. The underside of your pet has little fur; this is mostly where the ultrasound will be performed. The ultrasound probe needs to be placed on an area that has no fur. If there is fur in the area, that is the only area that will be shaven. The fur will, of course, grow back after some time so there is no need to worry.

How Should You Prepare Your Pet for A Pet Ultrasound?

The best person to give you this information is your veterinarian. He or she has enough experience to know what might interfere with the pet ultrasound and what might make your pet uncomfortable. Expect to be given instructions. You may be instructed not to feed your pet particular foods or to ensure that your pet is in a particular state.

Is A Pet Ultrasound Expensive?

Not really; however, based on the outcome of the pet ultrasound, the treatment might be cheap or expensive. A pet ultrasound is performed to determine what is affecting your pet's health. Depending on what is revealed by the ultrasound, the treatment might be surgery or medication. If it is surgery, you might have to dig deeper into your pocket. If your pet only needs some medication, the vet bill might be economical.

Pet Insurance

If you own a pet, you should know that at times he or she may get sick. It is important to have a separate account for your pet that caters to medical and livelihood expenses. Additionally, you might see the need for pet insurance that covers the common sicknesses your pet might suffer from.

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