Two Hidden Benefits of Using a Puppy Vaccination Service

The most obvious benefit associated with using the puppy vaccination service your vet provides is that it will reduce your puppy's risk of contracting many diseases. However, there are also a number of other benefits that can come with using this service that you may not be aware of. Here are a couple of these perks.

It will allow you to utilise several other important pet-care services

One of the hidden advantages of utilising the puppy vaccination service that's offered by your vet is that by doing so, you will be able to make use of many other pet-care services in the future. For example, those who run dog grooming businesses, dog kennels and dog training courses often require those who use their services to provide proof that their dogs have been vaccinated before they agree to groom, train or take care of them. As such, if your puppy does not get their vaccinations, you might find looking after them quite challenging.

For example, grooming your dog could be exhausting and quite stressful, particularly if they are large or get agitated when being bathed or brushed. Likewise, if you're unable to access a dog trainer's services, your puppy could develop terrible behavioural problems. Finally, being unable to utilise a dog kennel's services might mean that you cannot go away on holiday as often as you might like.

In short,  if you want to utilise the expertise and support of all of the pet-care professionals in your area, you should ensure your puppy gets all of their vaccinations.

It could benefit you financially and emotionally

Making sure that your puppy receives the vaccines your vet recommends could also help you to avoid experiencing a lot of unnecessary sadness and money-related stress. This is because it will give your puppy a much higher chance of living a long and very healthy life. If you use this service, your dog will be less likely to require costly treatment (for example, if an unvaccinated dog contracts bordetella, they may need antibiotics and IV fluids). They will also be less likely to die prematurely of, for example, distemper. As such, using a vaccination service might mean you won't have to endure sadness that comes with having your dog pass away before his or her time.

Given this, you should view the cost of getting your vet to vaccinate your puppy as an investment that will pay off, not only financially, but also emotionally, as it will give you more happy, fun-filled years with your wonderful pet.

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