Two pieces of advice for puppy owners who are taking their pets to behaviour training classes

If you've decided to enrol your pet in the puppy behaviour training classes that are run at a nearby vet clinic, you might find this advice useful.

Try to attend as many classes as you can each week

Rather than attending, for example, one puppy behaviour training class at the vet clinic per week or per fortnight, you should aim to take your puppy to as many of these classes as you can every week. The reasons for this are as follows; first and foremost, your puppy might forget how to do certain actions, and you may forget how to teach them to do these actions if the two of you only go these classes and get a chance to interact with the teacher once every week or two. If neither you nor your puppy can retain what you're taught because you allow too much time to pass between each training class, then there is no point in taking this course. Going, for example, two or three times a week will mean that you'll get a chance to thoroughly memorise the skills and actions the teacher demonstrates.

On a related note, the more classes you attend in a short period of time, the quicker your puppy's behaviour will improve and the sooner you'll be able to start doing fun activities with them. For example, if after a month of intensive training, your puppy learns not to playfully bite people, you may then feel comfortable taking your puppy to visit your young nieces and nephews, as it will be safe to let your dog interact with them.

Similarly, if after a couple of weeks of going to these classes, your puppy becomes proficient at returning to you immediately when you call their name, you can take them on a camping trip without worrying that they'll run off into the woods and get lost.

Integrate the things they're taught into your daily life

Rather than just spending, for example, ten minutes a day practising certain commands with your puppy, you should integrate what you and they are taught at the aforementioned classes into your daily life, as this is the best way to help them get used to taking orders from you and to ensure that they behave properly in every situation.

For example, when you go to the vet, you should work on making your puppy sit and stay whilst the two of you are in the waiting room and you should correct their behaviour, using the methods you were taught at the behaviour training classes, if they nip at the vet or trying to climb off the examination table. Likewise, if you take them to the local dog park, you should not just let them run around whilst you chat with the other dog owners. Instead, you should pay attention to how they socialise with other dogs and immediately reprimand them if they become aggressive or hyperactive.

Look for a puppy behaviour training class in your area to get started. 

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