Three Green Flags To Look Out For When Choosing A Pet Groomer

Choosing a pet groomer for your dog can be difficult, as you want a good result and for your dog to feel happy and relaxed during the experience. However, there are a few good signs that a groomer is right for you, which are explained in more detail below.

A Good Range Of Services

It's important that any potential groomer offers the full range of treatments and services that your dog needs, as taking them to more than one place will be more inconvenient and more stressful for your dog. Whether you need them to shampoo a long-haired dog, groom your dog's ear and paw hair, brush your dog's teeth, clean your dog's eyes or mouth, or de-mat a tangled dog, make sure that they do offer everything you need. However, beware of places that offer services that should be undertaken by a vet — for example, although it's fine for groomers to brush teeth, the RSPCA explains that dogs with dental disease should be seen by a vet for proper medical treatment.

Excellent Reviews From Previous Clients

Good online reviews are a great sign that a particular pet groomer is going to be worth your time. Search online to look at reviews — unless the groomer is very new, there's sure to be a lot to read. Get a general idea of how happy customers are, and what they think. Are there any recurring threads, such as a particular employee that dogs seem to love, or owners of a certain type of dog being unhappy with the service? You can search for specific services you're interested in, or search the breed of your dog to find out what similar owners think. However, don't be put off by a few bad reviews if the majority are good — Review Trackers mentions that customers are significantly more likely to write a bad review, while satisfied customers often don't bother.

Clean and Inviting Premises

Most groomers will be happy for you to visit their premises in order to get a better feel of the atmosphere and facilities. Contact them in advance so they aren't too busy to chat, and can maybe even give you a tour. Think about whether the employees seem happy and helpful, and whether the premises look clean and hygienic. You will also be able to get an idea of the atmosphere and to see whether any dogs being groomed at the time of your visit seem happy. How do the employees act around animals? What are their cleaning procedures? You might even want to take your own dog for an initial visit to see how it gets on with the groomers.

If you find a groomer that offers a range of services that suit you and that has good reviews, as well as a good atmosphere upon visiting, speak to them to organise an initial visit and pet grooming for your dog.

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