How To Prepare Your Dog for Its First Visit to the Groomer

Dog grooming is an essential part of your pet's care, but many dogs are terrified of going to the groomer and can become anxious. Here are some ways of convincing your dog that the trip is nothing to be afraid of.

Groom at home

Firstly, get your dog used to being groomed before you go to a professional. This need only take the form of a quick brush or a bath and can be a good opportunity to bond with your pet. Make it a fun time and ensure there's a treat on hand for good behaviour. Your dog will soon learn not to worry about being touched and to look forward to its pampering sessions.

Introduce the equipment

You should also expose your dog to some of the other equipment that the groomer will use, such as clippers or a hairdryer. A hairdryer can be scary to a dog when it first encounters one, but if you introduce it gradually the dog will get used to its sound and scent and should be much calmer when it encounters one at the groomer's.

Visit beforehand

It can also help if your dog is used to the grooming salon before your first appointment. Let the groomer know that the dog is anxious about the visit, and they should be happy to let your dog visit for a quick sniff around and a treat. Let the dog smell any shampoo and other chemicals that might be used during the grooming appointment. If your dog is already used to the premises before any of the treatment it should not exhibit any behavioural problems later.

Don't hang around

If you want to stay while your dog is being treated — and if the grooming salon allows it — there is no reason why you can't wait. If on the other hand you are dropping the dog off to collect later, don't draw out your departure. Just leave your pet and go, and try not to be nervous as the dog will pick up on this. Make sure you have a reward for the dog when you return. It may also be easier if your dog is already used to staying with other people.

Try to relax yourself and your dog should be relaxed as well. A visit to the grooming salon can then be a fun and pleasurable occasion rather than a cause of anxiety.

Reach out to a dog grooming service for more information.

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