Veterinary Services: 4 Signs that You Should Consult a Competent Veterinary Surgeon

Being a pet owner is one of the most rewarding things. However, it can be stressful when your animal gets sick but you do not know which medical intervention will help them. Veterinary surgeons get trained to help when your pet suffers from severe and life-threatening conditions. Here are four signs that you need to contact a local veterinary service about your animal. 

When They Cannot Breathe

Any animal having a hard time breathing is a medical emergency. If your pet's oxygen supply gets cut off for more than three minutes, they might die. It is advisable to call an emergency veterinarian and ask them about first aid before the surgery. Some of the common reasons your pet might suddenly stop breathing include when they have something blocking the airways. It can also happen if they inhale a toxic gas and suffer asphyxiation, which is the deficient supply of oxygen to the body. Emergency surgery might help remove the blockage from the airways and restore breathing. 

When the Pet Is Uncomfortable But Cannot Vomit

Dogs experience bloating a lot. It is a life-threatening condition, especially if they have eaten something poisonous. The inability to throw up whatever could be causing the poisoning is what worsens the situation. A surgeon can operate and remove whatever could be causing bloating. Note that bloating traps gas inside the stomach and blocks all air supply to it. Emergency surgery can help tilt the stomach back in position, remove the food causing the bloat and save your dog's life.

When the Pet Seems Traumatised

Another way to tell that your dog needs medical intervention is when they appear traumatised. Many times after getting hit by a vehicle, your pet might appear physically unhurt. However, if they have internal injuries, they might appear traumatised and have trouble eating or settling down. Contact the surgeon if your dog keeps howling in pain, but you cannot see a physical injury. Note that dogs can also suffer profuse haemorrhage by falling from heights. 

When the Pet Stops Eating and Drinking

Pets skip a meal from time to time. However, if yours skips several meals in a row and seems unwell, it is time to think about getting a professional diagnosis and emergency intervention. Timely care might save your pet from life-threatening complications.

Choose a competent veterinary surgeon to help you deal with your pet's emergencies. They can help you diagnose and treat a problem before it gets complicated and compromises the well-being of your pet. 

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