Three Reasons Why Your Cat Might Need Surgery

Cats and humans do not share a lot of similar proportions or exact blueprint when it comes to their anatomy, but there are quite a few health issues that are present in both. You might be surprised when you go to a vet and find out your cat has a condition or disease that sounds almost exactly like something you or someone you know has suffered through. Here are three of the most common conditions found in both cats and humans that might warrant veterinary surgery for your pet.

CCL Reconstruction

While the ligament is not exactly the same in cats and humans, the function of the CCL is virtually identical to what your ACL provides for you: it keeps your knee stable through all kinds of different movements. Repairing the CCL for a cat is vital because without a properly functioning CCL they can become much more lethargic, overweight and depressed, due to a decreased amount of mobility. Considering cats are far more active and physical than most humans, they need their CCL in good working order, and if you suspect it may be snapped, you should take them to a vet for treatment.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can come in many forms in both humans and cats. Some forms of skin cancer are benign and just look like a lump of darker flesh. Others can be small, but very aggressive in spreading throughout your body. No skin cancer is to be taken lightly, which is why regular check-ups are important for cats and humans alike. A semi-annual visit to your vet will ensure that your cat gets checked for skin cancer and, if it is found, then it can be removed right away through a very simple and safe procedure.

Broken Or Dislocated Bone

Just like in humans, many younger cats that are more inquisitive and exploratory will end up with nasty broken bones due to a mishap here or there. It is important that you always get your pet checked out after a serious fall or painful accident, even if there is no visible sign of a broken bone. Cats cannot communicate like humans can, and they will often try to hide their medical issues from others as they can be intensely private.  A veterinary surgeon is very capable of setting all of your cat's bones back in place and making sure they return to full mobility.

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