Why You Should Get up Close and Personal with Your Four-Legged Friend

If you own a dog but battle a busy schedule, you may find it difficult to fit in the amount of time necessary to look after them as you should. In fact, you may find the time for daily walks but struggle for anything else. If this sounds too familiar, you may be missing out on something that seems like a luxury but, in truth, is a very important piece of work. Why do you need to focus more attention on grooming for the health of your four-legged friend?

The Long and the Short of It

Clearly, certain dog breeds with long hair may require much more maintenance than those who appear relatively svelte. But still, all dogs benefit from grooming for a variety of different reasons.

Clear Advantages

To begin with, if you brush your dog regularly, it stimulates the coat and helps it to grow strongly. It removes a lot of the old and damaged hair that can remain in place after matting and, if left unchecked, could cause issues.

Problems Await

All that damaged hair trapped underneath the top layer of a dog's coat can be a major source of irritation and can get tangled with the "good" hair to cause matting. If you don't get rid of that as soon as possible, it can lead to potential skin problems. The dog may scratch in the area, and the matted hair may pull away from the skin, creating sore patches which can get infected.

Close Inspection

Unfortunately, it's easy to miss these problem areas through a simple, cursory inspection. You really need to run your hands or a brush through their coat and look for any issues, and you can certainly do this effectively when you groom.

You should also be on the lookout for anything else unusual like lumps, scratches and bumps. While you're at it, have a close look at the outside and inside of the ears, feet (especially between the toes) and eyes.

Growing a Bond

Sometimes, dogs do not particularly like being groomed, although if you do it regularly, carefully, and with love, they may grow to enjoy it. Even if they don't come around, this is not an excuse to let it go and if you really do not have the available time, look at alternatives.

Bringing in the Professionals

Your best solution here could be a professional dog grooming agency. After all, they will have the experience, expertise, and relevant grooming tools. Talk with your vet, and they will be sure to recommend someone, while they may also do the service in-house.

Remember, if you want your furry friend to stick around and to enjoy a healthy and happy life, don't overlook the need for grooming.

For more information on dog grooming, contact a professional near you.

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